What I do.


I work through a journey: place, people, trust, time, process, joy. I try to ask the right questions, to help a client get the best solutions. I ask clients to assess the difference between cost and value. Cost can be estimated or quoted. Value is your own balance of finance, enjoyment and usefulness.


Tending towards bespoke design, my work has ranged from small to large(er) scale -

• Residential projects (contracts £10,000 to £1,100,000)

• Office fit-outs and new-build studios (contracts £100,000 to £1,000,000),

• One-off restaurants, small business suites, community projects

• Landscaping and furniture design.


My projects include work within National Parks, Conservation Areas, and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB); projects within Scheduled Ancient Monuments and works to Listed Buildings. I've advised voluntary management committees on donation and Lottery-funded projects.

I am modern, functionalist and practical.


I prefer to interact with builders rather than instruct them, believing in a hands-on approach to construction.


A low consumer, I like to conserve resources, recycle materials and lower energy use; staying smart and creative while doing this is the clever bit I strive for.


Friendly, open and curious, to uncover what's needed to fulfil the brief; I like to make sure that things work.