Silver Birches

This is my studio/home. Recently constructed: self managed, slowly progressed!


As is often the way, there are still things to do. Taking more photographs is one of those things .... scroll down to view ... more will follow.


On the site of a former 1968 two bedroom bungalow, it has been built to Passivhaus standards.


In 2017, it became certified a Passivhaus ( - I.D. 5291 -


Eventually it will proudly sport a plaque: be assured, a picture of this plaque will be up-loaded! It is one of only a handful of Passivhaus houses in Wales.


If you need to know what this certification demands you can investigate it here:, it means that the house has an extremely low heating demand (about 10% that of 'normal' houses) and its insulation standard, build standard and air-tight construction are a long way above the average UK construction standard. This approach can be used on any type of building whether certified or not.


Of course, it also has an extremely comfortable internal environment, very low utility bills, and gives large amounts of delight to its occupants.